Corrective Bodywork

60-90 MINUTES +CoachNow App
60min $125

(These rates are discounted 3% based on payment via CASH or CHECK. Please ADD 3% for Credit, Debit and HSA card users).


Goal-oriented manual therapy is used to release compensatory holding patterns in one or more areas, to improve movement, motor control (timing and sequencing), strength, performance and/or to reduce pain.

Typically NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) is employed to determine relational patterns of compensation. We test muscles in relation to each other, to better guide how we treat. Some muscles will be too “ON” and in need of releasing; some too “OFF” and would benefit from reloading.

Think of the brain as the software and the body as hardware. We can retrain the software to help the hardware perform more optimally.

*If corrective drills are assigned, we use CoachNow software for home programing.

Hands-on care is often NKT guided and may include:

  • Various massage/soft tissue techniques

  • Joint mobilization: Maitland Based Manual Therapy

  • Orthopedic cupping


For scheduling or information:
(530) 563-6915