Tahoe Laser & Performance Therapy

We treat pain, inflammation and damage at the cellular level using therapeutic laser & whole body LED treatments. Combined with modern methods in physical therapy, we’ve got you covered! Call for a free consultation today!



Physical Therapy
A modern approach to rehabilitation combining evidence based practice, time tested techniques and modern technology.

NovaThor Whole Body Light

A full body LED experience designed to improve pain, inflammation, mood, performance and recovery.


Laser Therapy
Hand-held laser and LED used to improve healing, inflammation and pain by improving function and productivity at the cellular level.

Performance Therapy
Assessment-based personal training combining corrective bodywork and movement to help clients achieve their goals.

Corrective Body Work

Goal oriented manual therapy using hands on joint and soft tissue mobilization, NKT, orthopedic cupping vibration and other tools.

Risk/Readiness Screening

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is used to address fundamental movement patterning and hierarchically assign corrective drills for home practice.

Work Station Ergonomic Assessment

Results from these assessments help create a supportive, comfortable work space with your body’s long term durability as top priority.