Functional Movement Screen

FMS +Corrective Drills via CoachNow app $150
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The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a valid and reliable screening tool used by professional athletes, firefighters, police and military to reduce injury risk. It is also used by employers as part of a pre-work screen. The FMS addresses fundamental movement patterning by looking at elements of mobility and stability through seven specific movements. Once completed, this screen enables us to hierarchically assign corrective drills that improve areas of need and help prepare for athletic events or physically demanding jobs. 

We often use the FMS prior to performance therapy blocks.

The screen lasts 15-20min and first-session corrective drills anywhere from 10-40min. Follow up sessions for drill progression are common. Each corrective drill is videoed using the interactive CoachNow software, which ensures form and rationale are clear during home practice. 

For individuals or small groups, the FMS is typically performed in our office. Onsite group screening is available for larger groups or teams. Group pricing is to be determined by size and travel time.


For scheduling or information:
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