~ Find us in the Pioneer Commerce Center above High Fives and Performance Gym. ~

We have 3 private rooms and a dedicated gym space.
One room holds the NovaTHOR.
A second is for handheld laser, PT and corrective bodywork.
A 3rd is occupied by Danielle Spiekermeier, who performs the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and massage therapy.
The gym space houses other primary equipment and is used for movement assessment, corrective drills, physical therapy and performance therapy. 


For scheduling or information:
(530) 653-6915

Primary Equipment

  • NovaTHOR Whole Body Light Pod

  • LightForce FXi: Class IV Laser

  • THOR LX2: Class 3b Laser

  • Freemotion EXT Dual Cable Cross

  • Freemotion Incline Trainer

  • PlyoPress

  • Powerblocks

  • Kettlebells

  • Balls and mobility tools

  • Stationary Bike