Terms & Policies



We currently accept reservations by phone or email. We may ask for a credit card to reserve your spot and to support our cancellation policy. For the most part “we” are a one-man show, so if you end up at our voicemail, we’ll call you back ASAP.


Listed rates are discounted 3% based on payment via CASH or CHECK. ADD 3% for Credit, Debit and HSA card users.


We understand “life happens” and you may need to cancel. From time to time we ourselves may ask for schedule changes to accommodate other clients, illness or weather issues. That being said, we are a small business and late cancellations not only affect our bottom line, they are also unfair to clients waiting to schedule. Please give us 24hrs notice prior to cancellation. We reserve the right to charge for late cancellations. The late cancellation fee is $50 for manual therapy/movement sessions or in the case of a laser/NovoTHOR sessions, the deduction of that session from your package or a $40 charge, whichever you prefer. We will do our best to be fair and understanding and hope you will too. 


Upon arrival for your first session you will fill out an intake form on an IPAD. When possible, these forms may me available prior to said session via Onpatient, an online patient portal.


TLPT is a second floor office with two entrance doors. One by Performance gym has stairs only. The other by High Fives has stairs and an elevator. Restrooms are just around the corner from our office door. Our small gymspace has rubber flooring and a sink. We have three treatment rooms, one of which also has a sink. Parking can be crowded due to the many local business.


If you have any medical issues of concern, please let us know. We are most concerned with life threatening conditions, however, need to know relevant health information to safely proceed with some of our treatments, regardless of severity. In some cases, laser and LED are contraindicated for people with active cancer, particularly if these treatments are applied over cancer cells.