Workstation Ergo Assessments

(These rates are discounted 3% based on payment via CASH or CHECK. Please ADD 3% for Credit, Debit and HSA card users).

ERGONOMICS: what and why?

Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.

Overuse injuries due to improper workstation angles are extremely common. Results from these assessments help create a supportive, comfortable work space with your body’s long term durability as top priority. They are conducted on-site at your home or office (may be possible virtually). Pricing may vary with travel time and level of corrective exercises desired.

Each assessment includes: 

  • Standardized measurements of, and adjustments to, your existing office layout (using existing household items and equipment when possible).

  • Postural education and simple supportive exercises that can be performed during your work time.

  • Recommendations for additional equipment when appropriate. 

  • Option for additional evaluation and corrective exercise prescription.



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