TLPT exists to help YOU move and feel well, so you can enjoy active lives now and for years to come.


At TLPT we believe that helping people tap into their healing potential can improve all aspects of their lives, so we blend modern healing technologies with hands-on care and movement, to give our clients the best chance for reaching their therapeutic or performance-based goals.

We are born into this life as pilots of awe inspiring technology. The human body is much more than a machine and one of our greatest gifts is our innate ability to heal. It is this process that enables us continue onward despite the many bangs, breaks and ailments we might suffer in a lifetime. As we age, injure or become ill, life can be more challenging, less productive and less fun. We may have limited energy for our loved ones, our passions, our spiritual growth or anything other than simply paying the bills. Together we can find a way through!

Collaborative Team Approach

My experience as a physical therapist in this community has connected me to many excellent practitioners and health related professionals; from all walks of wellness. Let us work together as your wellness team to move you forward as quickly and holistically as possible. 

About The Founder

I am a former climbing guide turned doctor of physical therapy with a passion for manual therapy, modern healing technologies and their applications to the active orthopedic population. Now that I am using therapeutic laser and whole-body LED, I finally have effective treatments for pain, inflammation and damage at the cellular level and my treatment population has expanded.

I am excited to offer these therapies to the Truckee/Tahoe region and combine them with a time tested eclectic approach to corrective bodywork and movement.

In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, yoga, meditation and wrenching on my custom camper van.